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Much More Than Tire Tracking

Tire tracking for fleets
  • Make tire management simpler and better. Minimize the labor. Automate where appropriate, use paper where appropriate. Grow smoothly and easily into a leaner, smarter operation.
  • Learn how easy it can be to know where your tires are, how they are performing and costing when using the Revolution® Inspector™ automated system. See which tires need to be rotated, recapped, or replaced before your trucks roll into the service bay. Know which tires have gone out for recap, which came back, and which ones are somewhere in limbo.
  • Revolution® delivers benefits to any size fleet in an affordable package.


Don't wait to manage your tires

Kwik-Check-Probe in actionSquarerigger Software is proud to offer a new kind of tire tracking program. We combined an intelligent and constantly evolving software application with wireless electronic data gathering tools to create something truly unique. A system that can handle the rigors and inconsistencies found in the real world of tire tracking.

Do you track MY tires?

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What are trucking associations in North America reporting about

  • fuel efficiency?
  • tire management?
  • fleet management?
  • fleet maintenance?
  • green fleets?

Find out today!

Yes, we do! And if you encounter a tire that is brand new, never before available, our answer will be the same. Yes, we do! Take this short example from our Michelin line:

The Michelin XZA, Michelin X One, Michelin XDA, Michelin XZY, Michelin XDA2, Michelin XDA2+, Michelin XDA3, Michelin XDA4, Michelin X One XDA, Michelin XDA-HT High Torque, Michelin X One XDN, Michelin X One XDN2, Michelin YZY1, Michelin X1 XDN, Michelin XZY2, Michelin SDN Grip, Michelin XDA5, Michelin XD2, Michelin XD4, Michelin X HAD HT Plus, Michelin XZY3, Michelin X One HAD HT, Michelin XTE, Michelin XZA2, Michelin XT1, Michelin XZA-1, Michelin X One XDA Energy, Michelin XDA2 Energy, Michelin XDA Energy, Michelin XZA-1 and the Michelin XZA-1+, Michelin XT-1, Michelin XDA2+ Energy, Michelin XHA, Michelin XHA2.

And that is a small fraction of the total. Tomorrow the list will be longer.

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